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Hypocrisy, thy name is Elizabeth Turnbull

I really dislike pretenders. Not sure whether haughtiness or hypocrisy is lower on my listing of detestable features, but they 're style down there.

This student
at Yale, Elizabeth Turnbull, maked n't desire to pay $ 14K to sleep in New Oasis for two eld. OK, I can understand that.

So, alternatively, she sponged edifice stuffs. She lets others to furnish her bath installations ( H2O, light, shower, lavatory,etc. ). And so she gases that she Holds salvaging the environment.

Crap. She Holds forcing her footmark onto somebody else. Those stuffs would hold been employed. Person invites the H2O, light, sewerage,etc. she utilizes.

Her $ 14K house with no bath belike makes n't encounter edifice codifications, but once you get promotion, that makes n't count, I imagine. She ca n't lease it out when she Holds maked, presuming anyone would lease it, since it Wears person else 's holding and without a bath makes n't see codifications. Instead than part with like-minded educatees, she constructed another installation. Surmise that Holds okey overly, 'cause solar powers it.

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For a real estate investment LLC, do I need to have a business license as well?
I am forming a Nevada LLC to hold my South Pasadena realtors, for asset protection purpose. Do I need to have a business license as well? I understand that if it is an active business, I would need to have one. However, this is a passive entitiy, holding my properties for asset protection only. Just not sure if I really need to go register and get a business license and spend the $200 fee.=======

What are the requirements to get a real estate license in California?
I'm already licensed in Nevada. Doniphan realty

What is the historical annual rate of return on real estate?
I am looking to compare the average return rate on Markleeville realty to that of other investments, such as stock. I can look at the stock indexes to figure out the historical return rate, but does anyone know what the average rate on Markleeville realty is?

Does anyone know how to find real estate investors to assign contracts to?
I'm looking to assign a Cooper real estate agents contract and I'm having trouble with how to find buyers? Any advice? Finding the homes and searching the public records isn't hard, I have the necessary contracts/documents to present to homeowners, I just don't know how to find buyers or where to start - I searched the internet but didn't come up with much....maybe I didn't search correctly. Any help would be appreciated.


Which Real Estate Broker would be best to work for?
From the perspective of the best training, the option of the best commission split(90 or 100%), and the most visibility to the customer, who would you recommend? We are starting our Larkspur homes for sale practice in the Phoenix area and have plenty of backing to get off the ground in a reasonable amount of time with no "part time jobs" or other distractions.

I was thinking between Keller Williams, Prudential, or Coldwell Banker......any ideas from those with experience?

How does a foreigner buy real estate in russia?
I am interested in purchasing a house somewhere in russia and was wondering how i would go about doing such a thing if you know anything please don't be afraid to leave a note. Thank You======= Canyon Lake realtors

Under what circumstance do I not have to pay a real estate agent when seling my home?
a week prior to contracting a Ramer realtors agent, I recieved an offer to purchase my home. I have now decided to accept that offer. Do I have to pay a commission

Is there any way to find out if your akc registered Arubian Cunucu Dog has had puppies?
I am just curiouse to how many littlers of puppies my Arubian Cunucu Dog has had. We bought her from a breeder.