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QiGong with Maestro Ming Tong Guam Wed Sept 2nd

Beloved friends,

I would care to invite you to our first Wisdom Healing Qigong Community event to be maintained following Wednesday, September 2nd from 7: 15 Autopsy to 8: 30 Necropsy. Maestro Mingtgong GU will be available to demonstrate on Wisdom Healing Qigong and respond our pattern inquiries. Our friends Ralph Havens and Jen Toussant of Mission Hills Physiotherapy will be our hosts.

I hold been hearing many positive and encouraging studies viewing the pattern of LQUPQD during and after our categories and events. Your enthusiasmin theresults on your well-being plus the positive life-changes are grand to hear. I inquire if you might be willing to share your experience in penning so that it can function as an inspiration to all those beginning the pattern or midmost of a ambitious life situation. If you make, delight e-mail a brief description of whatever enlivens you in your pattern or tied to your life situation, you can include your name or initial if you desire ( I will post the messages as you direct them ). I will post all the inputs in a new page of the site given to sharing our experience and supporting our community - Thank you ahead.

Ascribable the limited clip available in our families we are usually unable to officially admit each other therein fashion - stillly self-generated faces from yourself are what this is all about! So delight feel free to share in our groupings or in penning for all to hear.

Please visit www.qifieldtherapy.com
forupdated category info and maps.

in gratitude,


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