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Giro Journal: Phase Eight

Yesterday 's phase to Bergamo looked improbable to be one that would impact the overall classifcation. Although cleanly chunky, the terrain was n't wicked plenty to advance a shakeup and the general consensus was it was likely to favor the stars of the craggy classics, since the phase covered similar district to the Giro di Lombarida. Race leader Danilo Di Luca was in with a call of adding a 2d phase win this yr, while Stefano Garzelli was to be sure eyeing this upward as an chance and Philip Gb belike saw it as an chance to convey home a much required win after neglecting to register one in the springtime classics run. Most eyes though were restored on Damiano Cunego. The fact that he holds won Lombardia threefold was ample adequate grounds that this was perfect phase for him.

The Italian holds been holding a bad Giro and was sitting three and a one-half proceedings back in the overall compartmentalisation. Holding won the race in 2004, he holds n't looked like restate the exploit, despite a figure of good placings. He finished voicing his defeat on Wed, when he doed some thinly veiled comments
about some of his competitors, claiming that he was sitting with a `` clear scruples ''. `` There Holds a phase consequence that holds penalise me sometimes then there Holds a phase upshot, permit 's say, in life, where everyone need to look at themselves in the mirror. I 'm not the but who makes the right thing but I have sex. We 've already seen some effect rewritten when races hold been archived and that harms, '' he told.

It Holds not the first clip he Holds done these suggestions, holding holded a bit of an exchange before this yr with Ivan Bass. Cunego started to do a large trade about the fact that he was sitting clean last yr, even sporting a impermanent tattoo at the Circuit de France. Antecedently though he holded raised brows ascribable his past association with Dr. Luigi Cecchini.

Back to yesterday 's phase, everything looked to be attending plan for Cunego, with his Lampre squad coming to the forepart at the concern terminal of the phase and careen in the day 's interruption. On the day 's next-to-last upgrade, the Colle del Gallo, Cunego so jumped free in a little grouping incorporating Garzelli. However Paddy Rogers and Franco Pellizotti so united to casually flip a mitt grenade into the race by besides positioning themselves in the flight.

Rogers is Columbia 's man for the overall categorization. A three clip cosmos clip test title-holder, he is capable of sitting a good phase race but was a little of an unknown amount inheriting the Giro. He holds lost much of the past two ages ascribable harm, but holds commenced to look like he is coming back to organise this twelvemonth and holds been tipped as a darkhorse for the general compartmentalisation and got the day 3rd overall, only 36 seconds downward from Di Luca.

Pellizotti meanwhile directed Liquigas at long last twelvemonth 's Giro and completed a strong fourth. With Ivan Bass now on the squad, the two officially are family as co-leaders, but most perceivers would assort Pellizotti as Programme Bacillus Bass 's primacy was emphasized on phase five, when he and the other leading challengers rode forth from Pellizotti on the the Alpe di Siusi. Withal, he rested but 1: 27 off the lead in the overall compartmentalisation.

While the presence of Pellizotti and Rogers in the interruption maked n't appear to trouble the other favorite, Akmola 's Matthew Leipheimer determined that he was leaving zippo to opportunity and assailled out of the peloton to bridge across to the grouping. This was now a rattlingly unsafe flight and a savage pursual was mounted. Di Luca 's LPR squad need to bury themselves at the forepart to protect his maglia Rosa, helped by Rabobank 's Laurens 10 Dyke, who was sitting for his squad leader Denis Menchov. The interruption was punctually caught, destruct Cunego and Garzelli 's opportunities of a phase win. With the clump clearly wiped out from the pursual, Kanstantsin Siutsou established an timeserving onset to solo place for the phase win, the 2d in the row for the Columbia squad.

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